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Let AI energize finance, give an insight into a vast amount of complex information.

P.A.I's artificial intelligence system has the abilities to identify, extract and analyse massive financial information, which can instantly and accurately help financial document users to obtain the specific data information.

What can we read?

P.A.I has leading artificial intelligence deep-learning technology based on tens of millions of unique labeled data.

Our AI system can read various kinds of complex formatted documents, such as Prospectus, Bond Prospectus, Annual Report, Financial Report, Disposal and Acquisition Announcement, Rating Report, Research Report, Contract Document, and Public News, etc.




Bond Prospectus


Annual Report


Research Report


Contract Document


Public News

What value we make?

P.A.I has served many head agencies in the financial industry.

Regulatory Authorities

Regulatory Authorities

Immediately and accurately extract key information and conduct structure process of data from richly formatted documents to improve efficiency and quality of auditing and reviewing.

Intermediary Agencies

Intermediary Agencies

Information extraction, intelligent review, automatic writing, assistant identification, and risk avoidance, can effectively improve the working productivity and quality.

Investment Research Institutions

Investment Research Institutions

Dynamically tracking information of market in real time, intelligently selecting and delivering effective information, helps investment researchers find potential opportunities and risks in the first time.


Develop tools



PDFlux SaaS


Intelligent review


Autodoc will check the financial data in the disclosure document, check the category errors in the document, show the results to users with an intuitive UI, and generate easy-to-view annotated documents


Intelligent document comparison tool, supports cross comparison between PDF, Word and scanned files, supports extremely fast processing of long documents, and presents the difference results through the visual UI


Intelligence Identification & Analysis System of Bank Statements, OCR Model for Special Use of Financial Industry, Flawlessly/Accurately Recognize Bank Statements Information, Multi-Dimensional & Cross Compliance Analysis of Bank Statements


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Intelligent writing


Financial Documents Intelligent Writing System-providing two solutions of updating and filling content. Updating financial data and calculating financial indicators with AI semantic understanding. Sorting out templates and parsing manuscript or API to write the full text

Digital use of data


Accurately identify elements such as tables, paragraphs, and pictures in PDF, and extract table data in PDF efficiently and accurately. Supports exporting the results into various formats such as Excel, and can also export into structured JSON data


Enabling the "document management system" as a "knowledge retrieval system", Hunter supports intelligent retrieval of effective information, extremely fast loading of long documents, accurate identification of document chapters, efficient hit results, and one-click copy of original information


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A Document Information Cognitive System, which allows machines to understand the information of financial documents and identify the key information automatically


An Artificial Intelligent Platform for Natural Language Processing – integrative process of data labeling, model training, result predicting for document semantic recognition


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About Us

Beijing Paoding Technology Limited Company (P.A.I Tech) is a leading global artificial intelligence company focusing on financial semantic understanding. P.A.I is devoted to the deep integration of state-of-the-art technologies such as Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Richly Formatted Documents Parsing, and financial knowledge. We help the traditional financial industries to build a new core competitiveness.

P.A.I, with more than 100 employees, sees its co-founders have more than ten years experience in machine learning, Natural Language Processing, data mining, financial regulation, investment bank and cross-border investment. Its core team members are from various large-scale high-tech companies and financial enterprises such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Tencent, HP Laboratory, Ali, Huawei, Bauer Group of Canada,CITIC Securities, HKEX, Ernst & Young, etc.

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